The Lord is close to all who call on him. Psalm 145:18

Christian Treatment

We have a comprehensive, Christian-oriented treatment program for those struggling with various stages of substance abuse. We offer 90-day residential programs and sober living solutions based on scripture and prayer.

Custom Programs

The treatment program focuses on providing a Christ-centered treatment plan. Our clients receive an orientation and complete evaluation up entrance; they work with a counselor to develop a plan suited to their beliefs.


Our counselors help arrange and conduct a Christian intervention, which is a time for friends, family, and fellows to openly express their concerns about their loved one's substance abuse and encourages them to seek assistance.

Insurance Friendly


Have Confidence In Your Choice.

We have been Accredited by CARF for Treatment Services.

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If you know someone who is experiencing a problem with drugs or alcohol, we encourage you to call us today. A Christian intervention may be the first and most important step to recovery from addiction.